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Who you gonna call?

It's not too late to bid on a Ghostbuster uniform, "considered to be among the top five reproductions by industry professionals."

Bug out for blood

The other night, I left the patio door open just long enough to let in a dozen bugs of various size. I didn't notice them until the middle of the night, when I saw them clinging to the ceiling. Since I'm such a bugaphobe, I grabbed the closest object within reach, and with a rolled-up comic book I smote mine enemies and smeared their greasy bug guts. All except for the biggest one. I don't know what it was; it was one of those things you see skimming the surfaces of lakes, with a legspan of a few inches. I only clipped that one, taking off one of its limbs. But it got away before I could finish the job. So now there's a five-limbed insect lurking in the apartment, no doubt looking for some vengeance against me. I'm looking around corners, checking the toilet before sitting down, checking the bowl before taking another scoop of cereal, wondering when it's going to jump out. All this, and the cicadas haven't even arrived yet.


My friend Tina's wedding

Liv and I were just in Cleveland to attend the wedding of my friend Tina. It was quite a show. Lots of people, reception at a ritzy golf club, beautiful weather, homebaked Italian pastries, radiant bride, etc.

I also got to see a bunch of my Cleveland friends, whom I don't get to see often enough. Two of them reminded me that they still check out the blog on occasion. Hence the resumed posting.

Also, finally, a month after the fact, I got to tell people about our engagement (bad me). And I recruited two groomsmen for the big show.

Bad news: I picked up a speeding ticket in Lakewood. Really, I should've known better, as the traffic cops are eagle-eyed and relentless there.

Also got to spend Sunday with the family, which was good. I spent way too much money treating the family to lunch, but that's what I get for not coming to town with a Mothers Day gift already purchased.