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Guess who just got engaged?

Finally did it. The ring was ready on Wednesday, and I had to figure out just how, where, and when I'd propose to Liv. I wasn't in the clearest of mindsets; I was exhausted and grumpy. But I didn't want to wait too long to do the deed; I didn't want to give myself a chance to lose the ring. And I'm going to be in Cleveland this weekend.

So, in a groggy haze, I called Liv and told her we were going out to dinner. She'd been wanting to eat at an Italian place, so I found one nearby.

To be honest, the place kinda sucked. We were placed in the back corner, on the side of the kitchen door, where you're barely visible. Our server was spaced out, dropping her pens all over the floor, forgetting our drinks, hovering over us at odd times.

Also, there was also this totally cheesed out jazz act who was just killing the mood. We'd try to be romantic, reminiscing how we met, and then the singer would start warbling

Feeeeelings... whoa whoa whoa whoa feeeeeeeelings....

and then awkward silence.

In short, the dinner was a consolidation of every first date I ever went on. Except this one actually worked. She said yes!

So here we go. Memorial Weekend 2005. Yay us.


Harold and Maude

I finally saw Harold and Maude as part of my cultural movie exchange with Liv. I took me two times to get through it. At first, the characters seemed bratty to me. But the second time, I just took it in stride. After all, the movie was a product of the Vietnam Era, when brattiness was a legitimate political statement. Ultimately, Maude won me over. The movie revealed just enough of her character to fascinate, and let you figure out her motivation for yourself - something I always enjoy in movies.

Trivia bit - Did you know that Bud Cort, the dude who played Harold, also played God in Dogma?

Eye trouble

Turns out it was a cornea infection that I picked up Sunday. It's serious, but treatable with no vision damage. I'm taking antibiotic drops, and I'm about to apply an ointment to the inside of my bottom eyelid. Yum.


Crying and my first dessert

I actually cooked something on my own this weekend. It's been awhile since I'd pulled that off. It was a simple cranberry apple crisp dessert that I made for a Saturday potluck. It was warm and everything, and even got a complement.

Wrapped up that night watching Training Day on DVD while others played poker. Good acting, but with a few hard-to-swallow plot points (the movie, not the poker).

That night, the crap fairy must have visited me, because I woke up with a nasty irritation in my left eye. It was tearing, red, and itchy the whole day.

Which really put a cramp in the wedding that I attended with Liv. The bride was a coworker of Liv's. I made it through the ceremony, trying to pass off my eye irritation as tears of joy. But I bailed out of the reception, which was a bummer. Liv wants her coworkers to get to know me better, and the feeling's mutual. But not when I'm fighting the urge to claw my eye out.


Hellboy review

I got to see a free sneak preview of the Hellboy movie on Monday. Here's my review...

For those who don't know, Hellboy is based on a comic book. The premise is that during World War 2, the Nazis tried to summon a demon lord that would lead them to victory. Instead, they summoned a demon infant who was adopted by Allied troops. This infant grows up to be Hellboy, an agent of a secret government organization that fights supernatural nasties.

The movie is kinda corny but fun. It felt a lot like Men in Black, both in the setup (secret government organization fighting otherworldly dangers) and in its tongue-in-cheek tone.

The movie doesn't have much of a plot, if you care about such things. But the heroes are likable, and the clockwork Nazi assassin was cool.

Ron Perleman did a particularily good job as Hellboy. At first, I was annoyed by his cheesy one-liners. But it made sense with his characters, who in demon years is still a teenager. And he played it just how I'd imagine a teenage boy with superpowers would be: boy scout earnestness combined with chip-on-a-shouder surliness, and humorously awkward around girls.

I'd say it's definitely worth a rental or a matinee viewing.

May you blog in interesting times

So I grabbed a late dinner at McDonalds tonight, and I'm reading Hellboy: Wake the Devil while I'm eating. And I get halfway through the book when an undeniable voice from inside tells me

Dude, it's a Friday night and you're reading comic books at McDonalds. Show some self respect. At the very least, get your butt to a Starbucks.

So it's not the most exciting way to resume blogging. But over the past month, I've gotten a new job and a new apartment.

And I'm on the edge of getting engaged. But that's another story, for another blog.

Times for me are getting interesting, so why not start blogging again. We'll see how long this lasts.