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The return of Opus

Berkeley Breathed is returning to the Sunday funnies with a weekly strip starring Opus the Penguin.


Failed letterboxing attempt

Liv and I tried to find two letterboxes at the Dunn Loring Park in Virginia, but we struck out each time. It's not clear if the letterboxes were missing, or if we just didn't see them.

Geek-out weekend

The weekend for me has so far included both role-playing games and comic books. Friday night was another session of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG campaign.

Yesterday, Liv and I attended the Small Press Expo, which showcases independent comic books.

We saw Terry Moore, writer and artist of the excellent Strangers in Paradise talk about his experiences in self-publishing.

I also discovered Sheba, a funny & clever historical/mythological story that I probably never would have heard about outside of the Expo. It's about the mummified pet cat of Cleopatra, who gets involved in the antics and schemings of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods who have fallen out of power after the rise of Christianity and Islam.


For all you aspiring superheroes...

The Skyray is a personal flying harness that propels skydivers at 186 mph.


The theory of everything

Put on your thinking caps. The New York Times published an article on string theory, which supposes that there may actually be numerous universes, each with slightly different laws of physics.


Letterboxing Pt. 2

The second time was the charm. Liv and I found our first letterbox stamps at the Buddy Attick Lake Park. We uncovered two of the three Greenbelt Beverage Animal stamps from the Mobots.

Even though I've lived here for nearly three years, I wasn't aware of this park until I looked for these letterboxes. Since it was Labor Day, there were families grilling and little kids scampering all over the place.