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After more than a year, I've finally gone letterboxing. Liv and I tried to find the Absinthe box earlier today.

Like a novice, I went walking wearing shorts and no insect repellant. The directions to the box mentioned moving through a trail in the woods. I imagined a full, clear path.

In fact, it was a narrow barely-a-path crisscrossed with thorny branches that caught on my clothing every other step. Fortunately, I came out with only one mosquito bite and a few small scratches.

We never found the box, nor the "huge huge double tree" that the directions listed as the box's location. Our guess was that the tree may have been knocked down during the recent nasty thunderstorms.

Still, it was a nice walk around the Lake Artemesia park.


Sick day reading

I've been fighting off a cold since yesterday.

While I've been resting, at Liv's recommendation, I've started reading Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith by Marcus J. Borg.


Catching up on my reading

I spent much of yesterday reading news articles to inspire my creative writing. Subjects included random number generators and documenting the territory of Amazon tribes.