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Easter weekend

I've just come down from a licorice and Gummy bear-induced sugar high, induced by an Easter candy gorgefest.

I picked up the sugary loot after a visit to the parents last weekend. I also got a treasure bag of souvenir goodness from a sister who had visited Europe, Mexico, and Africa over the past several months.

My family enjoyed an Easter luncheon at a Buca di Beppo. Because what better way is there to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than to stuff oneself with pasta while surrounded by tacky Italian-American memorabilia?

While we were eating, our server carried her child to introduce her to our table. Am I terribly cynical to think that she did that to angle for a sympathy tip bonus? My sisters thought so, as they scolded me for voicing my analysis of the situation.

I'm not sure when I'll be back to the hometown next. It will be soon, as our family has three birthdays within two weeks upcoming.


Dar Williams concert

So... Dar Williams concert last night. Liv and I have been fans for years, so it seemed like a natural choice for a Friday night's entertainment.

We bought the tickets in advance, and then later realized that the performance was on the night of Good Friday. Going out didn't invoke any religious qualms, but it did abbreviate our Easter weekend visit to Cleveland.

But the show was worth it. The folk singer/songwriter's performance was melodic and mellow but not boring or monotonous. The musical highlight for me was "The Babysitter's Here", which was a cute-as-a-button song that Dar wrote for her own babysitter of years past.

It was also Dar's birthday, so that gave the concert an extra boost of energy. The opening singer even popped up to give a funked-up rendition of Happy Birthday.

Liv and I watched the show along the right wall of the 930 Club, next to the bar. Beside us was a short guy with a shaved head who danced spastically whenever the music's pace rose above 60 bpm. Where we stood, we had a really good view of the stage. We also had a nice view of the cute college girls who cuddled and nibbled on each other throughout the show.


The mother of all blogging lapses

Well, I've outdone myself with the blog slacking. While I've been gone, I saw a college buddy get married, fought the Huntbar parasite, and watched a war on TV.

Anyway, I'm back in the saddle, but probably with much shorter entries (better than nothing).

Next up for the night... seeing folk singer-songwriter Dar Williams perform at the 930 Club.