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Wooly Mammoth Theater’s Jump/Cut

The Washington Post just published its review of Jump/Cut, the latest play from Wooly Mammoth Theater.

The show is about an aspiring film maker who makes a low-budget documentary based on his best friend Dave. Said best friend happens to be a brilliant and surprisingly charming couch potato who suffers from severe bipolar disorder. Needless to say, things don't go well.

But the performance was a well done rumination on the deceptive allure of the suffering artist, fame, and medication as a salve for mental disorder.

I saw it during my most recent blogging lapse, with a group that I organized through the DCplay mailing list.

What I enjoyed most was the show's clever dialogue and the skilled performance of the actor playing Dave. The ending is foreshadowed too bluntly for my tastes, but overall I was very glad to see this.

More info about the show is available here.



So what have I been doing these past two weeks?

One thing that has kept me busy is the Cat Vacuuming writers group.

Recently, we held our first writers' marathon. We convened under a post-blizzard deluge and spent more than six hours writing at a Cosi coffeehouse.

After a few random topic writing exercises, we conducted an extended world building session. Our guide were the Worldbuilding Questions of author Patricia Wrede. This was a big help for me, as I still need to develop the supernatural background of my long-term novel project.

Last week, the group members began declaring weekly goals. If you don't complete your stated goal, you have to endure the shame of public failure and contribute a dollar to the Cat Vacuuming slush fund.

My goal this week was to read the book Dynamic Characters by Nancy Kress, which was quite good. I also caught up on my critiquing of other members' submissions. So no dollar sacrifices for me this week.


Snowed in

You'd think that being snowed in for four days would give a person plenty of opportunity for blogging. Instead, Dozer Online goes silent for nearly two weeks.

Not that I've been trapped inside my apartment all this time. I've simply been fickle with the journalizing.

Being virtually isolated from the outside world is an interesting way to begin living with someone. Liv and I never got on each others' nerves, but a person can't help but be frustrated by the restricted mobility.

For those of you who don't live in the area, Washington DC is notoriously ill-prepared for snowstorms. They don't happen very often here, so when a blizzard does come by, the area effectively shuts down.

Even when the roads are plowed, the job can be less-than-complete. Turn lanes were commonly left buried, and the snow banks along the streets would occasionally shift into the roads, forcing you to switch lanes

For a few days, the cleared paths in my apartment building's parking lot was wide enough for only a single car to pass through. Drivers entering and leaving had to engage in an impromptu shuffling match.

Once, an impatient driver nearly ran into my car while I was backing up slowly (to avoid plowing into the snow banks).

And bitchy notes appeared in the elevators; complaints from people whose cleared parking spaces were "stolen" while they were away.

The whole experience tells me that Americans will unite under duress only when they have a foreigner to be pissed off at in unison.

Anyway, if you want to see how widespread the snow was that week, check out these images from NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites.

Since the big blizzard, other activities have kept me away from blogging. More on that in future posts (which will hopefully show up sooner than two weeks from now)...