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Merchandising the Lord of the Rings movie

Yesterday, I watched the Fellowship of the Ring with some friends to prepare for the current Two Towers movie.

I couldn't help but notice all the unfulfilled potential for merchandising opportunities in Fellowship.

For starters, I like Enya. But she's not exactly a chart-topper these days. You won't see hordes of screaming thirteen year olds dialing MTV to put the song "May It Be" in the Number One spot on Total Request Live.

Millions of soundtrack profits could have been realized simply by taking advantage of the presence of one Liv Tyler in the movie. She could have easily persuaded her daddy and his Aerosmith buddies to record a crowd-pleasing, roof-raising power ballad for Fellowship. Why settle for Wagnerian bombast and haunting choral vocals when you could have Steven Tyler wailing "ROCK THE RING OF POWER!"

Also, why isn't there a Lord of the Onion Rings value meal at Burger King? Where is the Romco Halfling weed whacker?

Indeed, the merchandising for the Tolkein movies have been far too restrained and tasteful. How can they expect to make any money off this thing?


Another reason to like

It's wish list feature tells you which items have been purchased. It's the dot-com version of shaking the presents under the Christmas tree.


Rampaging Santas

Apparently, there is a world-wide rash of drunken men rampaging around in Santa Claus outfits.

Back in Cleveland

I'm back in Cleveland, where I grew up. The trip was mostly uneventful, except for a few minutes in a snowblind blizzard just after entering Ohio.

I stopped off directly at a friend's annual Christmas party shortly before midnight. I was pretty tired, and feeling the effects of "driver's elbow." But the party was most likely my only chance to see a group of friends, so there I went. I caught several friends just before they left, so the timing was good.

I also saw a co-worker from my last employer, and got a chance to catch up on who was still there, who was dating who, who had gotten engaged, and so forth.


Wrapping up the year

Another week, another blogging lapse.

I've been busy cleaning my very messy apartment before I spend the rest of 2002 in Ohio. I probably wouldn't let housekeeping slide so often if I ever had visitors.

I've also been busy catching up on other important tasks that I let slide while I was working on National Novel Writing Month. The event consumed much of my attention, and I've been trying to clean up after the mess with a minimum of stress.

Hopefully, I'll keep up with the blogging for the near future. The holidays will be crammed with gift-shopping and reunions with old friends. But if I'm not lazy, I'd like to keep Dozer Online active with excerpts from my November novel, and perhaps even a retrospective of the year.


Les Miserables

I finally saw the Les Miserables musical tonight, on a DCplay outing with a sizable group of more than a dozen other DCplayers.

It was nice to finally be able to attach visuals to the music, with which I was already familiar.

Of course, with such an emotionally charged show, people in the audience started sniffling with tears as the show progressed. At one point, my throat started itching. As I resisted the urge to clear my throat and make noise, I became so irritated that I started tearing too. That happened during the song "Master of the House", so I appeared to be crying during what is probably the most upbeat number in the musical...


Margaret Thatcher uprooted my holiday party

This weekend continues to be a big party weekend for me. Yesterday was the NaNoWriMo drinkfest, and this past evening was a semi-formal party at the downtown Ritz Carlton.

This was the annual party that my friend Randy puts together at the fancy-schmancy hotel.

We didn’t have the presidential suite like last year. The given explanation was that the suite was reserved by the visiting Margaret Thatcher.

It’s too bad that she couldn’t have joined our party; I imagine that the Iron Lady would be able to kick back more than her fair share of the spirits.

Still, like last year, this year’s party was great fun, with a fully stocked bar, lots of food, and friendly company.

I got to see friends whom I hadn’t seen in too long a time. I also hung out with new friends whom I had first met at last year’s holiday Ritz party.

It was a pretty late night. I was about to leave at 1am. But then ladies started dancing, and that kept me there another hour and a half. : )


The end of NaNoWriMo party

National Novel Writing Month, the main reason for my lapse in blogging, is over.

Unfortunately, I did not reach the set goal of writing 50000 words throughout the past month. I did break 26000 words, which is far more fiction that I’ve written in recent memory.

In that regard, I look at the exercise as a success. Also, I got to meet plenty of friendly people in the area who also enjoy writing.

The main downside to my participation in NaNoWriMo was that I let a lot of cleaning and other household upkeep activities slide. I’ve been trying to catch up on that.

But I took a break last night for the Thank God It’s Over party that was held in a participant’s apartment in downtown Washington DC.

Local participants were invited to show off a page of their novels, which were hung on a string for all to enjoy.

Partygoers also enjoyed a nice spacious apartment, an energetic and gracious host, an abundance of alcohol and munchies, and even a guitar performance.

For the party, I made jello shots for the first time. I put in extra vodka on purpose, and peoples’ reactions upon tasting them ranged from “Wow, that’s strong” to “Wow, that’s awful.”

Still, potent shots were just what I needed. I was pretty stressed out from a futile attempt to squeeze in some housekeeping paperwork at the end of the day. This attempt produced nothing but an extra hour of driving time during rush hour.

I had a great time meeting fellow writers during NaNoWriMo, and I hope we keep in touch and support each other’s writing.